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Aging Gracefully

Posted Dec 14 2008 7:38pm

Aging Gracefully

We love our canine companions so much! Don’t you just want to slow the aging process for our dogs? While there is no exact tool or magic bullet for doing this, scientific research for a ‘Fountain of Youth’ has pin pointed some of the aging culprits we can strive to prevent.

The major focus for aging has been placed on the destruction and damage of a system’s DNA, mostly by oxidation. Leading causes of oxidation are just as you would imagine: pollutants, toxins in the air/ water/ground, disease, stress, hormone disfunction, poor quality diet (commercial/ processed foods), and the list goes on (hence the need for antioxidents as well as proper, preventitive nutrition).

The DNA, Telemerase theory on aging describes how cells loose there ability to replicate appropriately, this eventually this leads to cells becoming more and more damaged. The term Cellular Dysfunction is commonly known to us as “aging”.

Along with cellular dysfunction is the Free Radical, ‘balancing act’. We all have heard of the effects of Free radicals, (cancer, disease, aging) however, the truth of the matter is that the production of Free Radicals is an ongoing and natural process in the body systems (dogs and humans alike). Free radicals are produced with the release of ATP (energy formation) and energy metabolisim (food), in an on going process in all body systems. The best way to keep Free Radicals in a ’state of balance’ is to balance the input of energy with the output, food intake with expenditure of energy.

Of course, the controlable aspects of aging are eating a healthy diet (preferably raw, no additives, preservatives, fillers, etc.) and living a fun filled, active life (going to the dog park, beach, hiking trail, etc.).

Having your dog on a healthy diet and taking the time to offer plenty of attention, exercise and love are going to keep you both pretty far up on the Anti- Aging scale.

Please take a look at some of the founding reasoning for feeding your dog a raw diet.

*If raw meat and bone diet or even home cooking for your dog is something you just can not do, We recommend the following alternative:  A Freeze Dried Raw Food or a Freeze Dried, raw layerd, food Either can be fed dry or with added water to re-hydrate and expand the food.

You may also want to check out the fantastic anti-oxident and other health benefits of NingXia Red Juice and Enzymes Pro +. These product were designed with all the aspects of  superior   nutrition and anti- aging in mind by increasing antioxidents, ’scavenging for’ free radicals, improving immune systems, and helping with blood circulation for heart.

There are of course further things you can do to enhance, strengthen, and add vitality to your dogs life, preventing premature aging. I will have more articles on this subject of “Aging Gracefully” here at Whole Dog News in the coming weeks. (Check the sidebar for this catagory.)

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