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“Remember when doctors made house calls and took jars of jam for payment and such???????”

Posted Jan 06 2010 10:00pm

I make house calls. I’ll even price them on a sliding scale basis should my clients have trouble paying their bills. 

Jars of jam? I’d gladly accept jars of home-made jam in lieu of payment. Sure, it might mean lots of jam but I’m willing to take one jar a month for a couple of years––if only because it means you truly value the service rendered and the relationship we share. 

Thanks, Patti, for raising this issue in the wake of Tuesday’s "nasty-gram" post (regarding all those thankless harpies who would happily hit the “send” button before revisiting the Golden Rule). Because, as a group, veterinarians are more willing to lend you money, drive to your place and barter for goods and services than any other kind of professional I know of. 

All of us? By no means. Most? Probably. 

Over the years, I’ve accepted home-made goodies, gift certificates to restaurants, hair cuts, car washes, waxing services, department store gift cards, a used TV, untold Starbucks freebies (don’t tell corporate), horseback riding lessons for my son, massages, facials, book store certificates, PR services, IT help, a gym membership, personal training...and plenty more I can’t think of right now.

(Just don’t inform the IRS. I wouldn’t even know how to itemize these, anyway.)

Not that I needed any of the above. Not that I would have bought them for myself. Not that a bikini wax would’ve been in my cards were it not for the suggestions of a thoughtful, earnest, upstart person who recognized an opportunity and made me a [painful] deal I couldn’t refuse. 

An honest effort towards payment for a service that was clearly valued? What more can you ask from a client trying to do their best for their beloved pet? 


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