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6 Month old puppy with occasional mucousy stools.

Posted by MikeAZ

My 6 month old puppy gets mucousy stools off and on, sometimes weeks in between, usually accompanied by diarrhea or loose stools, and occasional blood spots. He has survived parvo at 4 months, and came from the shelter with coccidia. We've tried rice with chopped meat and cottage cheese, it doesnt seem to matter about making it go away, he eats Iams puppy food, and barely ever gets scraps of people food. There is never a change in his energy and he does not get dehydrated, should I be worried? Twice the vet has just given albon but it hasent changed his occasional runs.
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These kinds of problems can be difficult to diagnose because both physical and behavioral factors can come into play. The first step is to keep a journal of what your pup eats every day--including anything other than the same brand of dog food--for at least six weeks. Also jot down what activities he engages inm events that occurred that day,  and your response to them and him.  In addition to parasites and digestive problems  or eating things that irritate the gut, stress can also affect the gut. When the latter occurs, it can cause the secretion of acidic digestive juices which can irritate the lining of the gut as well as cause the gut to speed up. When young animals get sick, it's not uncommon for people to want to baby them which, unfortunately, increases the stress on the animal. Because your pup is fine otherwise, be sure to engage him in activities that engage his mind and body to build his confidence while you use your journal to eliminate other possibilities.
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