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5 month old puppy vomiting mucus and mucus in feces.

Posted by nancy

5 month old lhasa-po vomiting mucus w/food mixed in.  Also mucus in feces.  Went to vet & did a week of an antibiotic.  Seemed to work at first.  End of week it started all over again.  Puppy very active and loveable.  No signs of any other problems.  What are your thoughts as to the problem?
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Was a stool check done for intestinal parasites?  And, if so, what was the result?  How frequently is this happening?  Are you feeding your dog a puppy food?  Any table food involved?

Helpful Buckeye


yes a stool check was done.  Puppy eating Iams puppy food ONLY, no table food.  Was eating rice & chopmeat at first for diarr. problem, but now just Iams. 

I'm assuming the stool check was negative for parasites?  How frequently is the vomiting happening?  Is it right after eating or later on?  Are the stools well-formed or are they loose?  Are the stools a normal color or lighter than normal?

Be sure to stick with just the Iams puppy food.  You might have to get the pup back on the antibiotic for a longer period than 1 week.  As long as there are no other anatomic or physiological problems that are causing this spitting up, there are also medicines to decrease the vomiting urge.

Helpful Buckeye 

Thanks so much for your help.  I'm bringing her back to the vet tomorrow for some blood work just to make sure she's ok.  I appreciate your responding to my inquiry.  Take care!

I hope your puppy is better is really hard to see a dog suffering from vomiting.



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