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4 Reasons Why Cats Shiver

Posted Sep 18 2013 7:37am

Cute cat videos have taken over the Internet with kitties looking all sorts of cute. What's not cute, though, is a shivering cat. When your cat gets the shivers, you should take notice.   Shivering can indicate your cat is experiencing stress or may need extra attention. Here are the top four reasons your cat might shiver. 

Shivering Can Indicate Your Cat is Experiencing Stress   


  1. Fear
  2. Cats get scared, too. And, just like humans, cats can shiver or shake as a fear response. Take a look at your cat's environment to discover the source of fear. Is there a large animal nearby? Has a guest or a child in the house hurt your cat? Was it abused in the past? Figuring out what your cat fears and eliminating it can eliminate the fear response.
  3. Thunderstorms
  4. Loud noises often cause a fear response. Loud thunderstorms could cause your cat to shiver as well with each clap of thunder. Driving rain, howling wind and air charged with electricity could contribute to the shivering as well. If the shivering doesn't end after the storm, consider other sources of the shivering.
  5. New Environments
  6. A new environment can cause stress on a cat. They might be leaving behind their litter or have had to break bonds with other cats or humans. The stress of adapting to a new home or environment can bring on stress-induced shivering. To ease this, introduce your cat to the new home slowly. Just one room at a time, and then slowly expand the range of your cat's exposure. If possible, bring a favorite blanket or toy from the previous home to provide some comfort.
  7. Cold
  8. Many reasons cats shiver mirror the reasons we as humans shiver including when cats get cold. Humans shiver in order to warm up and as an outward sign that we should seek a warmer environment. The same goes for cats. Turn up the heat, lay down a warm cat bed or blanket, or hold your cat for a while. If your cat can't stop shivering or addressing these common causes of shivering don't help your cat, seek out a veterinarian.
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