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1 year old boxer with an illness that occurs every 18-21 days - includes swollen glands in throat.

Posted by David M.

Our male boxer pup - 1 yr old - becomes deathly ill every 18-21 days. Symptoms are drooling, hair loss, dehydration, loss of appetite, painful hip-kidney-liver areas, walks as though he is walking on glass, low grade fever, pussy material oozing from his penis - this last episode included a large golfball size lump on his throat.  Lasts between 5-7 days then he recovers quickly, regains appetite, and seems to be very normal and active. 3 weeks later, the same cycle begins again.  He's been on 2 types of antibiotics for over 60 days (treatment for a possible lymes infection - the only thing our vet has come up with short of a $4000 dollar group of tests). Any real ideas?
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