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27 People Voted for Stuart G. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: A realistic, gritty view of life on the streets and oh how true some of those little observations are - always a great read I follow it from New Zealand, where I read it every time I am on line. Being in Paramedine here I can see those same issues and frustrations on a daily basis.

My vote is for Stuart G because his blog is one of only a handful of blogs that send you into another realm, forcing you to assess yourself, those around you and your own abilities or lack thereof. Put simply, its a damn good blog mate! :)

Comments: He doesn't cut corners. Despite a busy life he writes complete & readable entries. I really enjoy coming to his blog  & immersing myself in a few days worth of action, & it's always clinically sound too!
Comments: most entertaining and informative blog on an interesting subject 
Comments: Stuart is great because while being entertaining, he is also realistic and reflective about his job.  He obviously cares about what he does and has been inspiration to me to apply for paramendic training.
Comments: awesome blog, awesome books! :)
Comments: Writes in a very entertaining, yet realistic and dramatic way that truly brings the reader into the realm of emergency medicine
Comments: Stuart's excellent blog covers the details of the length of his shifts and draws the reader in for the ride, giving you the best insight into the daily grind of ambulance work. Stuart's frank writing is unapologetic and high lights the way in which the service is abused, but then throws in the jobs that make it all worth while.
Comments: Possibly the most entertaining Health Blogger around.  Come on everyone, Stuart G to win ! Yay!

He knows his stuff and when he writes, you feel a part of what is going on.


Comments: Absolutely brilliant, in depth, fascinating blog for anyone interested in the pre-hospital side of the patient journey.  Well written with loads of detail.  Love it!
Comments: Just love his candid view on the general public and there uses of the ambulance service
Comments: His insight, consistent yet fascinating posts are always interesting. A brilliant blog.   
Comments: as he give good clear descriptions of his day and how his work plays out and affects him. he make you want to read more
Congratulations, Stuart G.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!