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Nichelle S. Patient Expert

Houston, Texas
Nichelle Strzepek is passionate about dance. She began taking lessons at an early age and holds a bachelor’s degree in Dance from Slippery Rock University. She began her teaching career over 15 years ago and has taught ballet, jazz, modern, tap, creative dance, and theatrical dance in... Full Bio
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Comments: This blog is such a pleasure to read. It offers information spanning across the board. From dance educators all the way to parents and dancers. Dance Advantage deserves to win this award! My favorite Health Blogger is Dance Advantage!

Nichelle keeps her readers engaged by providing relevant and interesting posts. She manages to keep up with the ever changing tech/social media world as well and even shares that knowledge with her readers. Nichelle's blog is full of helpful tips on staying healthy and fit. I look forward to every one of her posts. Keep it coming!  

Congratulations, Nichelle S.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!