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Dr. Christopher C. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Surgery
San Antonio, Texas
Hi, I'm a military Pediatric Surgeon in San Antonio.
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Comments: A true us great insight to the horrors of war and the dedication of those who serve.

Doctor Cappola (Ex Lt Colonel USAF),

Has been our best friend. He operated on my daughter prior to her bone marrow transplant last year.  In between his other scheduled surgeries, he found time to sit with me and my family to discuss about the up coming surgery of my daughter. At that time, my daughter was 7 years old. Dr. Cappola made the surgical experience easier on her and us as parents. He is down to earth man. I have watched him sitting down, talking to families, taking suggestions, and ideas. He respects nurses. As a nurse and a mother of his patient, Dr. Cappola is my number 1 surgeon. His from heaven to save these little ones. In addition, he has bed side manners. No matter what the condition is, Dr. Cappola will never disrespect his residents, nurses, or any one working a long with him. We all miss him here in San Antonio and those who hired him must have worn lotary. He blogs about true life expereinces that can be essential to his readers. For all those reasons plus what I have left one, Dr. Cappola deserves to win this award.

Captain Lucky Mulumba, USAF, RN, BSN

Comments: He is my cousin's son, but a he is also a fantastic pediatric surgeon who has seen the horrors of war in person and has saved many lives. In between he has raised a family with a beautiful wife and now works for a pediatric hospital to save more children's lives.
Comments: Dr. christopher C has been a continuing source of inspiration to me during the last few years as i have followed his writing.  He shares with his readers not only his experiences but the lives of so many other good people struggling to be good people despite very challenging circumstances.  without people like him many of us would never know about the many good things and good people that exist and our despair at the tragic state of affairs we see in the news headlines would be too demoralizing to overcome. 
Comments: Hi this blog is a great way to appreciate the troops!
Congratulations, Dr. Christopher C.!
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