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Daytona Beach, Florida
As an informed dental patient, featured blogger, and consumer advocate, my mission is to educate and help you save your teeth or accept and laugh through the fear, discomfort, and surprises of tooth loss with humor and hope. Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide: How to keep your teeth or live... Full Bio
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Saundra is my "intellectual" dentist; I see my dentist (IRL) twice a year and Saundra reminds me to take care of my teeth regularly.

She gives me insight in the interacting between the health of your teeth and illnesses and on the other hand diseases causing for example bad gum and other negative consequences.

Comments: every email i get from saundra is filled with helpful information. her advice is applicable and relevant. she brings to light subtle issues that if gone unnoticed, could become a problem of great magnitude to dental and whole body health.
Comments: Saundra has put into words the feelings of embarrassment and shame while walking around without teeth.  It really is a humiliating experience.    While I wish no one else suffer this condition, it is nice to know someone understands what it is like.    Saundra also explains what to do about it.  She lets us know money should not be our first concern....our health should be.
Comments: I have had dental problems all of my life, and because just for signing up for her newsletter I have learned a great deal how ones dental issues and by not taking care of them can lead to a mass amount of other medical problems.  I learned so much, and here are just a few things I have learned such as; 1.      Medications that I personally take may be the cause of my poor dental health.
  1. How poor dental health can cause other viruses throughout the human body; affecting heart, lungs, and possibly the brain.
  2. And also what to ask your dentist or oral heal care professionals.

So, far I feel that Sandra could maybe have possibly helped my overall health and well being. I do take her advice and because I do; I am actually feeling better. I feel so good as of late that I have been able to start exercising again. Now, I am not a medical person at all, but I feel that Arthritis and Fibromyalgia might be related to dental issues. My arthritis pain has subsided.


Comments: she's the best , for real!
Comments: Saundra does and outstanding job delivering important information that we all need. Each post explores great ways at keeping your teeth healthy and talks about things that will hurt your teeth-- many things that you would have no idea about. This is a blog that invests in the most important poeesion we have- our health.
Comments: She is a real person, telling real stories.  I trust this more then I would trust a dental sponsered site.
Comments: Great information!
Comments: I definitely think Saundra should win this award!  She is a courageous person.  She perseveres until the job is done.  She is an honest person.  She will tell you exactly what she thinks.  She is one of those rare commodities -- a true friend.  --  Rosalie Bari
Comments: I have never seen a Blog about keeping your teeth good!  Everyone should read her Blog!

Saudra's information is interesting and refreshing.  I hope this site is given a wide viewing.






Comments: Saundra is educational, straight forward, facts have been researched and she is honest.  She has helped me adjust to my dentures with the information available on her blogs.  I trust her information over anything else I have found - it is more real, experienced and understandable.  Keep up the good work, Saundra!!!!

The NABBW, has reveiwed her book and recommend it. HEr blog is equally as good.

 Dotsie Bregel

Comments: Great blog full of valuable information.
Comments: saundra is very informative and funny at the same time..u need humor when dealing with the dreaded dentist trip..she helped me out a lot...
Comments: Because in my experience a good, dedicated dentest who cares about prevention rather than wait until the teeth need expensive work, --is worth their weight in gold--and most certainly my vote!!
Comments: I haven't read any blog quite like this! Really informative.  I learn something new everytime I check in! I highy Recommend it!!!!!
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