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Arielle B. Patient Expert

Northampton, Pennsylvania
I am a woman with a story, a voice, and a commitment. I am dedicated to helping others in the best way I know how: my writing. Writing helped me on my way to recovery and I have a sincere passion to be, at the very least, an understanding voice amid the pain of eating disorders and all that they... Full Bio
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60 People Voted for Arielle B. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Because arielles blog offers hope, inspiration and advice for all those struggling with food issues...
Comments: Arielle truly tries to help those people suffering from eating disorders as well as their families. She is an inspiration for recovery and kind soul. She never hesitates to answer questions sent to her, to email those who would like her support, and to do what she can to relieve others.
Comments: Arielle is informative, positive and upbeat and has a very healthy outlook on recovery. Very few blogs by recovered people sound this sincere or this far from the dangerous realm of pro-E.D. This woman is clearly fighting for health and positive self image and wants to share her progress so that other can benefit.
Comments: I was on the verge of giving up from seeking full recovery for my ANA.  I never thought it was possible.  Luckily Medusa recommended me to visit Arielle's site.  She had inspired me and has given me hope to continue fighting the battle.

Arielle's blogs are always a fantastic read. You can tell that she does her research into certain topics and all the information and advice she gives is positive, insightful and informative.

Arielle is a kind and supportive person who is doing a fantastic job of helping others through her blogs.

Comments: Arielle is a wonderful person who has been through so much in her time. She has really helped me in my struggles with anorexia and is an inspiration to many.
Comments: Arielle is a sweet heart. She writes wonderfully, she is inspiring and helpful. She is such a genuine person always with a positive attitude.
Comments: Arielle is an amazing member of wwb, and we love her! She's an inspiration to all of us!

Arielle is a loving, giving person, who gives of herself daily to help those who are suffering with eating disorders.  I know she has helped many on the road to recovery.  If anyone is deserving of an award, it's Arielle.


This woman has helped more people than one can count. Her encouraging words and kind voice bring people back from the depths of hell that most will never know. Rarely can you look at someone and say "that person has saved a life" You can say that about Arielle ten times over. This woman has a following for a reason. She helps those who are stuggling with the most deadly of all mental illnesses and she gives them hope. She sees for them when they cannot see, hears for them when they cannot hear, guides them out of darkness and dries tears that never seem to stop. 

There is nobody on the internet more deserving that Arielle B. She's my hero and a hero to so many more.

Comments: Arielle has helped so many young women who are suffering from eating disorders.She runs a group for young women who are struggling with these issues.She has a blog that gives them support. She puts her whole heart into helping these women.
Comments: because she's doing an amazing thing for women and men, young girls and boys, anyone and everyone.

Arielle has a candid and compassionate way to create posts that resonate on a profound level. Her words ring in the ears and heart. Her experience and passion lend weight to her words, her intelligence makes them brilliant. She is an incredible resource to hundreds of women with eating disorders and/or body dissatisfaction...she understands the disease of perfectionism and defines pro-activity. She is an inspiring and uplifting writer to anyone, eating disordered or not.
Her blog is fabulous.  


Her writing inspires others to become a better version of themself. She unabashedly shares the most difficult details of her recovery from an ED and her wisest discoveries as a recovered sufferer so that she can help other people that are suffering.

In a world where so much that is written is used for gossip and falsity, my friend Arielle uses her words to make a difference. For this, she should receive the award.

Congratulations, Arielle B.!
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