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Washington, District of Columbia
After nearly a decade of anorexia, I'm learning how to love, laugh, and live again. And in no... Full Bio
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Comments: she has a very informative blog about a highly important issue. she makes you think. her writing is amazing and comforting. 
Comments: She's an excellent writer - funny, brilliant, and informed.
Comments: because Carrie provides consistently good science with clear explanations and robust discussion week in week out.
Comments: She is fluent in the current research. Her writing is clear and factual. Her presentation of information is well organized and she makes personal links to the information that provide context for the reader. Above all else Carrie is an amazing young woman whom I admire and respect.
Comments: Carrie writes an invaluable blog about the latest scientific research in relation to eating disorders. She has experience of anorexia herself so people with eating disorders can relate to her, and her reviews of research are intelligent and insightful but not dumbed down or patronising. It's a wonderful blog.
Comments: Posts are regular, on topic, personal experience with scientific understanding.  What more can you ask for from a health blogger.  Good stuff!
Comments: Carrie is the best! Not only is she smart, but her writings are real. She doesn't shy away from writing about difficult subjects. 
Comments: Because she is making amazing strides in eating disorder awareness and supporting those in recovery. SHe si amazing!
Comments: Carrie writes interesting, intelligent and well-researched articles while also bringing  a healthy does of personality to her writing.
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!