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10 People Voted for christine w. for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Chris has a wonderful ability to get to the heart of the matter. Her blog posts are short yet powerful. She doesn't preach. She inspires us all to think, to slow down, to consider, to give thanks, to trust ourselves, to live well. Thank you, Chris!
Comments: When I need to take a few minutes to collect myself during the day, I go to Christine's site to links to places that help me cope.
Comments: It's insightful, enlightening, and just plain delightful.  A great place for women (and men) to become informed, relax and just live a more peaceful and productive life.

I enjoy Chris' blogs because they deal with everyday challenges.  She is extremely insightful and causes the reader to contemplate. 

Comments: This is a great blog for sane living in a crazy world.
Comments: timely articles, up to date information, practical solutions, positive and uplifting
Comments: Chris is creative, insightful, and has a strong and practical message.

Christine has all the characterisics you look for in a person who helps you find new ways to put your life in perspective according to your desired goals. She is dedicated to helping you find a saner way to live and does that through many avenues including insightful blogging. 

Congratulations, christine w.!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!