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Silicon Valley, California
I am the founding editor of Med Nauseam Blog, which features research supporting dietary and environmental causes of acquired illness. I also co-founded SpiroChicks Blog, a Lyme lifestyle blog. I'm a video correspondent for Natural News TV. I write for Technorati and Blog Critics. I give nutrition... Full Bio
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70 People Voted for Alix for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Awesome information well researched and written!
Comments: Alix is wonderful she watches out for us all!
Comments: Alix is the best. Her blogs are always highly informative and up to date. She also helps the lay person understand what is behind much of the medical changes and research out there!!
Comments: Alix is great at researching medical information and not going with the status quo. She is devoted to helping people make better choices for their health!

Comments: She does awesome academic and passionate research.  Very digestible analysis of common health issues.  Excellent coverage of vaccines!  Very good information on environmental causes of certain diseases and on nutritional remedies for alleviating certain health symptoms.  I look forward to her updates.

She is a phenomenal researcher... when she posts something she has really learned about her topic, sought out reputable and credible sources for her information, shares personal thoughts and experiences to provide context for readers.

 If I were to get chroincally ill that would be one of the first places I would go for information is her blog and past posts... Also when I have kids I plan to use her blog for information to make decisions about vaccinations, and other health considerations for children... 

 She is amazing!! I strongly vote for her!

Comments: She delivers medical information that is not readily available in mainstream media, and I'm grateful for that!

documented information to help decopher the mainstream health recommendations

 We all know the standard advice -- here is information counter-balancing it.

thank you!! 

Comments: Alix is a forerunner, extremely intelligent, open minded and has great insight.  She is bright and brings a lot of difference backgrounds of knowledge to her blogs.  Even with her history chronic illness, she has had enough success beating it to be able to be energetic and helpful to others going through the mysteries of illness.  I always call Alix and Alix has always done full proof research on the latest issues in illness and disease.
Comments: She was one of the first people who wrote about my health concern and what she was doing about it.  It was a real person sharing her knowledge gleaned through exhaustive research.  She keeps her information current and fresh.
Comments: The MedNauseum blog is smart and informative.  If you love the EWG then you will love MedNauseum for its tireless committment to spreading knowlege on all things toxic in our products.   Alix called the BPA liners in the Sigg bottles first! 
Comments: very informative!
Congratulations, Alix!
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!