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Silicon Valley, California
I am the founding editor of Med Nauseam Blog, which features research supporting dietary and environmental causes of acquired illness. I also co-founded SpiroChicks Blog, a Lyme lifestyle blog. I'm a video correspondent for Natural News TV. I write for Technorati and Blog Critics. I give nutrition... Full Bio
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Comments: You give great info! You are brave- thanks for all of your research!
Comments: This is one of the most informative, well written and organized blogs I have ever come across!! The topics are addressed intelligently, well-researched and summarized and analyzed  so that the information is easily accessible.  It is also kept current and covers the hot topics.  Bravo to this Blogger-- she sets the bar high for others-- where it needs to be since there is so much misinformation out there!!

Trust me. Alix Mayer knows her stuff. Not only because she's speaks from experience but healthcare and nutrition is clearly her passion. I've never been disappointed with her sound advice and always trust her 100%. I'm feeling better and that goes without saying. Whenever I have a health issue I go to Alix even before my own doctor. She is never biased or negative. Always honest, positive and reassuring. I've been taking Carlson's Vitamin D for two months now and feel great. Easy to take and so beneficial! Thank you Alix!


Comments: Alix is incredibly well-informed and an excellent, cutting-edge speaker and educator.
Comments: Alix always delivers information that is current and research driven. I trust her to do the work for me on topics that are important to me and my family.
Comments: Great writing, intelligence, humor and sensitivity.  Original voice!
Comments: alix's work is well researched and thoughtful; 
Comments: Clear presentation of facts about issues that matter to our families.
Comments: She's been there = she writes from the heart and from personal experience..
Comments: Alix is passionate about health and a great source of information. I always go to her when I have nutrition-related questions.
Comments: Alix puts in so much time and effort into her research and shares critical health-related information with her readers.  It's simply good stuff!

always on the cutting edge of issues and would appear 99.9% of the time to see the wood from the trees!

her analysis and commentary is excellent.

Comments: Great blog title and info
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People's HealthBlogger Awards 2008 - Best 100 Winner! Winner!