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Jessica P.

Washington, District of Columbia
My name is Jessica Pung, I am 23 years old, pursuing my dreams and loving life in Washington, DC. I have always been interested in healthy living. I grew up with an unstable relationship with food, I was often put on diets by my pediatrician and eventually succumb to an eating disorder in high... Full Bio
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Comments: Jess P. shares great advice on eating gluten-free while still eating well, and has such a distinct and likable writing style!
Comments: great personal blog!

I’m not gluten intolerant but I found this blog to be extremely valuable. This blog is educational and entertaining for everyone. I can now fully empathize with my friends who are gluten intolerant thanks to this amazing blog. I’m constantly drawn to it and recommend it to everyone both tolerant and intolerant. The thoughts are crystal clear and there is never a dull moment. Thanks Jessica P.!!!  

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