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Baltimore, Maryland
I'm a licensed nutritionist with a Master's degree in human nutrition and professional culinary training. I've written several books and am working on another which will be out in 2011. In my spare time, I'm a professional opera singer. Check out my health and nutrition blog on and my weekly Nutrition Diva podcast, which was selected by iTunes as one of the Best Podcasts of 2008.
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17 People Voted for MonicaReinagel for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Monica Reinagel, the Nutritionista at Nutrition Data, always gives thorough, well researched answers that are also interpreted for the lay person. She provides useful examples of how to make healthy changes and keeps readers like myself interested with her humor and wit!
Comments: common sence
Comments: Undoubtedly Monica Reinagell is of the best if not the best health and nutrition writers there is. She is common sense, technically well informed, and highly capable to part the information to her readers well: can't ask anything more. She deserves my full support and she has it.
Comments: As a health coach I find this to be one of the most up-to-date and useful websites to stay in the loop on nutrition. I love the comments and the matter of fact advice Monica gives. There's always a link to the information that is posted which makes for easy cross referencing. I look forward to the e-mail with the latest blog postings!

Monica's blog on nutrition balances practical advice, best practices, and current research. It is accessible to a wide variety of audiences, but it still reports at a high level of scientific rigor. I find her an engaging writer, and I look forward to reading her columns.

Comments: Her short, informative articles make sense of nutrition. It is interesting, easy to read, relevant and always fresh.
Comments: I love her show.
Comments: This blog is so interesting! I enjoy reading this blog, and I absolutely love listening to the podcast. Monica puts everything into explains everything in such a way that I can understand, and I have a hard time paying to most podcasts. I learn so much from Monica!
Comments: Well researched and balanced commentary on  essential issues -- much appreciated in the morass of propaganda from many other sources.


Her writing style is lean and snappy, always spot-on useful/topical and never preachy, which I think is a real feat. 

Comments: She helped me to change my eating habbits to a healthier way and made me dreaming about being a Dietition
Comments: Monica Reinagel provides NutritionData users with answers to the most queried questions that circulate through the internet. Not only does she clarify concepts, but she also provides various research data and arguments about the topic.
Comments: Monica seems knowledgable, fair, and balanced . . . everything Fox News claims to be.
Comments: Monica Reinagel bases nearly all of her nutrition opinions on logic and science, at least when reliable data exist.  Her writing is clear and concise, and her recommendations are practical.  She will not lead you astray.

Monica blogs about pertinent current issues and isn't afraid to address controversial subject matter. She acknowledges the potential merit of alternative viewpoints and always reminds her readers of the importance of evidence-based research - I love how she is both open-minded and provides healthy criticism on so many issues. She also facilitates the 'Comments' area on her blog, so as to allow her readers to have engaging discussion but also ensure that they are backing up their claims.

Congratulations, MonicaReinagel!
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