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John McManamy

I am an award-winning author and mental health journalist. I have been writing about mood disorders since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1999, ranging from a website, an email newsletter, a book, articles for HealthCentral, and this blog. More recently, I have been producing videos. Writing about my illness has played a very strong role in my healing and recovery. Writing allows me to come to terms with my past, gives meaning to my present, and gives me the courage to face the future... Full Bio
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Comments:   he is one of us. he gives back, shares,makes us cry and makes us laugh.  he makes the tough technical stuff more easy to understand.  he gives us hope on the healing journey whether it be about work or relationships.
Comments: His detailed knowledge of mental health, particularly bipolar disorder, has helped many, many, people on the web who suffer from mental chemical imbalances.
Comments: He is hilarious, knowledgeable, compassionate, wise, and so insightful.
Comments: In his blog, Knowledge Is Necessity, John McManamy provides a wide range of mental health information, particuarly on the topic of bipolar disorder. His writing is in-depth, accurate, and understandable. John brings with it a wit and a real-world personality that makes him a joy to return to again and again. Whether one is a health care professional, a patient, or another writer, John's reporting, opinions -- and his colorful life-- are always of interest. I count his blog as one of my daily "reads."
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