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Carson B.

Flagstaff, Arizona
Carson Boddicker is president and founder of Boddicker Performance, a company based in Flagstaff, Arizona with a focus on improving performance in all athletic endeavours with a special interest in middle and long distance running. Carson?s experience in performance enhancement stemmed from personal interest in his own performance that soon earned the attention of his teammates and competitors. A recurring injury in 2004 and 2005 served as his impetus to further enhance his knowledge of the... Full Bio
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Comments: my boy is wicked smaat...He puts out real and valuable content.
Comments: The smartest man i know on the subject
Comments: it is well written and helps those with less nurtition and exercise experience truly understand what is going on with their body and why exercise is so important.
Comments: He is a gentleman and scholar.  He is a man of science and a steward of the English language, and his writing shows this talent. 

Carson is an intelligent strength coach with a hunger for learning and enhancing his knowledge and skills.  His blog is a great blend of useable/practical information and evidenced based practice.

Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT

Comments: To put it simply...Hes the fucking best.
Comments: He is great in the sack. Gotta show my love.
Comments: Carson is a highly motivated and dedicated individual, who prides himself on helping others...what isn't to like? 
Comments: He is an intelligent, informed, charming young man
Comments: Did an internship this summer with Carson. His passion and dedication for the field is extremely admirable, as well as his desire to constantly contribute more to the health/fitness/sport performance industry. It won't be difficult for Carson to accomplish whatever he expects to accomplish in his career because of these definitive qualities and his attitude toward life.
Comments: His site Boddicker Performance is very informative, easy to read, and has something that can benefit everyone.
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