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Cranston, Rhode Island
I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom on a mission to get my family healthy. Let me take you back to December 22, 2008, that's where MY mission began. My then 9 month old son was up all night long with a tummy ache, and as I heard him cry "mama" through the monitor I knew he needed me. As I went to get out of bed I felt like a metric ton weight was pushing me back and when my feet hit the floor I couldn't even stand up without horrible pain. My first thought was "I must be really... Full Bio
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149 People Voted for girlgonehealthy for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: GirlGoneHealthy knows how to spur people into action with her creative ideas for spreading love and support. She is sponsoring a card-writing campaign where people write 5 cards to friends offering encouragement. The people receiving the cards then each write out 5 cards and send them. Brilliant idea!
Comments: GirlGoneHealthy is so inspirational.  She's not someone that's completely irrational.  She knows what it's like to have to balance the life that goes on(family, work etc.) with trying to have a healthy, fit life.  I love reading each new blog and challenge from her.
Comments: Tera should win this award for putting her heart and soul into eating healthy, and helping others to learn how to do the same. She has given 100% to this new life style,and has been successfull losing 100 pounds in 10 months !! She is an inspiration to many,and everyday is a new adventure for her...
Comments: Because she speaks from experience. Her blogs not only incorporate her own personal experience but of her readers as well. Her site is user friendly and she's very interactive with her readers! If you ask a question, she will answer. A very down to earth gal with a great sense of humor and a serious message to get healthy!

Girlgonehealthy has been such an inspiration to me.  She's not only been able to support my questions and direct me in the right direction when I feel like cheating, but she's always had great advice and awesome tips.

If you want realistic, sound and useful tips GIRLGONEHEALTHY is the place to go.

Comments: She cares a lot about personal fitness and the importance of being healthy and people like me appreciate her words and support!

Tera has been there! She is a real girl who has changed her life for the better. She is supportive and positive and tells it like it is.She is so excited to share her story with everyone.Her diet tips are realistic. They are not a gimic or fad. The recipes she posts are healthy takes on things many of us already eat. I am new to Tera's site and whenever I have had a question or concern she is quick to respond! I look forward to her posts and contests!! Tera and her story are something I can relate to.

Comments: Tera is awesome, a wonderful inspiration to all!
Comments: Because I've known this girl for 10+ years now, and she has done great things for her body, but she's not keeping her secrets all to herself. She's an inspiration. Daily she encourages her Facebook fans to do what is good for their selves, their whole selves, from good food choices to exercise to music selections for emotion health. She's all around good health for the whole self.
Comments: Tera is truly an inspiration to REAL WOMEN who have REAL problems and families. She is upbeat and optimistic and that is always a plus. She is inviting, warm and completely dedicated! She gets my vote!
Comments: honest, wonderful person. deeply cares about making people's life better.

Tera is an inspiration to so many people.  Her website is full of humor, healthy recipes, personal stories of her stuggles, gym challenges and so much more.

I teach Group Fitness at Fitworld, Cranston, RI. I can't tell you how many times she has urged the people who try to "hide out in the back row"to give fitness a chance, go at your own pace, and "if she can do it, so can you attitude". She walks the walk and talks the talk ,she has lost 97lb.s and counting! A lot of people who struggle with the same issues as Tera look to her as a role model. She truly deserves  this award!  thank you, Lea Slaughter

Comments: Tera brings nonsense health tips from someone that used to be overweight. As well as someone who is a mother and works...she's funny & inspirational to all of us trying to get healthy!
Comments: Love her blogs-she's very informative, she's encouraging, she is one great cheerleader!

Girlgonehealthy should win because her website/blog touches a lot of average, everyday women and their struggles with getting and staying healthy.  Her posts plus her recipes have been great as well as her contest that include active participation of her followers.  I think many women can relate to her and appreciate her honesty!

Comments: She has been an inspiration to my entire family.  Not only are my husband and I follwing her, but my mom and many other family members.  I am so proud of Tera.  She has made a lifestlye change and that is not easy to do.  Plus she has stuck with it.  She keeps me motivated and I love all of her recipes, very creative!!!
Comments: She is a vibrant and upbeat inspiration. A happy wife and mother setting a healthy example for for all to see and share.
Comments: Tera has changed peoples lives through good ole fashonied if i can do it so can you. This kind of motivation is hard to find in a health community
Congratulations, girlgonehealthy!
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