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Cranston, Rhode Island
I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom on a mission to get my family healthy. Let me take you back to December 22, 2008, that's where MY mission began. My then 9 month old son was up all night long with a tummy ache, and as I heard him cry "mama" through the monitor I knew he needed me. As I went to get out of bed I felt like a metric ton weight was pushing me back and when my feet hit the floor I couldn't even stand up without horrible pain. My first thought was "I must be really... Full Bio
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Comments: she rocks!!
Comments: GGH should win the award because she is a real woman that gives health and fitness advice from a sincere, humorous, encouraging, inspirational, informative and honest perspective. The site speaks to women in a real manner that is not intimidating nor overbearing.  You can take what you want from her blog and use what applies to you. I enjoy reading her site and that is why I think she should win the award.
Comments: Excellent blogs and as a registered dietitian, it's nice to see people who write nutritionally accurate info in a fun, interesting manner!
Comments: Tera's the bomb!
Comments: She keeps it real! I enjoy reading.
Comments: She deserves to win because she is helping motivate others to get healthy!
Comments: The best information related to women's health and fitness. I turn to Girl Gone Healthy for support, advice, humour and tips. As a fellow health and fitness junkie and as a journalist, I am 100% behind GGG! Let's give some recognition where it is deserved!
Comments: Tera is an inspiration to men and women everywhere to lose weight. She has put her mind to accomplishing this dream and surpased all expectations she or anyone else has had. She is a great motivator and and a great person
Comments: She has truly changed her life around to be totally healthy, and she is an inspiration to so many people!!
Comments: i think she should win because her blogs are very informative. 
Comments: She's gone such a long way from where she used to be. Her lifestyle changes are amazing, and her writing style makes me feel like I too can do it. There's something about reading an inspiring story that just makes me want to keep going, and this blog is full of tidbits and keeps being healthy a top priority in my life. It doesn't feel preachy or feels like she's my friend, a comrade, someone going through the same battle having the same goal - being healthy!
Comments: Girl Gone Healthy is positive, fun, and smart.  She is timely with her posts and helps a LOT of people.
Comments: Because she is an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for so many people!
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