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My name is Darya Pino and I am the creator of Summer Tomato, a blog for healthy eating tips. I'm a scientist, foodie and lover of local, seasonal foods. At my core, however, I am someone who believes I can be healthy, happy and in fantastic shape no matter how busy my life is. Currently I am working on my PhD in neuroscience at UC San Francisco, hoping to finish up this year. I also blog full time at Summer Tomato and occasionally at The Huffington Post. I also write as a columnist for... Full Bio
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Comments: Education & Passion.  Darya comes from a background I think many of us (men and women alike) can relate to - dieting & working out to acheive the "perfect body."  It's no new news that body obsession is everywhere in the media, but is unfortunately linked with starvation, drugs, and obsessive hours in the gym.  Darya has been there, done that.  She's emerged using her science background and a back-to-basics understanding that is not only healthy - it's not a diet, gimmick, or fad!  Through her passion for food, science and health she has brought to light the simple basics of how our bodies work and why they work that way.  Why eating a diet of whole grains will help your body shed fat, and eating a diet of salad and diet coke simply doesn't work.  She has inspired my already-healthy habits with new ideas, and infused my thinking with a new and refreshing understanding.  Darya rocks.
Comments: Great articles.
Comments: Many reasons I can't think of right now. It's late!
Comments: Darya's blog has been a fantastic help to me in my quest to finally find a healthy way of eating that I can maintain in the long term. Her posts are full of great tips, insightful science, and delicious recipes. I love her attitude toward food and health, and her healthstyle is something I can really wrap my head around and agree with. I've lost 7 pounds in 2 months following her lead! She's also a complete sweetheart, super friendly and always willing to answer questions.
Comments: She is informative but doesn't act like she knows something for fact when the scientific data is still unclear.  Very good at explaining things. Good writing - entertaining.  Her recipes are yummy too!
Comments: Darya isn't about restrictions or do this, don't do that.  Darya sheds light onto our worped relationship with food and helps us navigate the troubled waters of the American food culture.  Following Darya's advice has led me to a place where I eat what I want and as much as I want whenever I want to, but what I "want" has changed drastically.
Comments: Darya is so rigorous in her science of food; nothing is left to speculation, she is a food scientist. That said, she has such enormous passion for food and life - and thus health- that it becomes interesting, in fact inspiring!  Darya rocks.

She's clear; she's informed and she's got a fresh take on healthstyles.  No fads here.  Just fabulous Darya.


Comments: Wonderful balance of real info in a very easily digestible format!
Comments: I love her blog because it addresses complete health for everyone; no matter who you are, where you are, you can be sure to benefit; I feel like every post helps make me better!
Comments: Darya's blog has been an amazing resource for me as I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a busy 20-something year old single guy.  Her writing is clever and interesting, her content applicable to normal people in every post; my favorites are her lists and Top-10s.  Go Darya!!!

Three words: Rational, Responsible, and Ravishing.

Rational: Darya presents health information backed by sound science that makes sense, and gives useful tips/recommendations that normal people can actually follow.

Responsible: She is obviously not beholden to any special interest, which is what got American's into this health mess in the first place.  She is a courageous advocate for fresh, local, and sustainable farming and food practices. 

Ravishing: 'nuff said. 

Comments: This blog rocks my world when I get tips on healthy foods to eat and wonderful recipes to try!!
Comments: Darya's opinions are based on logic and science, without a hint of commercial bias.  Her writing is well-organized and understandable, despite her prodigious intelligence.  You can't go wrong with Darya.

Because she never fails at making my health a priority in my life. I just think she will go really far in this world. Not to mention she is a georgeous representation of what you could attain if you are health concious. Thanks Darya.



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