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My name is Darya Pino and I am the creator of Summer Tomato, a blog for healthy eating tips. I'm a scientist, foodie and lover of local, seasonal foods. At my core, however, I am someone who believes I can be healthy, happy and in fantastic shape no matter how busy my life is. Currently I am working on my PhD in neuroscience at UC San Francisco, hoping to finish up this year. I also blog full time at Summer Tomato and occasionally at The Huffington Post. I also write as a columnist for... Full Bio
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Comments: Her writing is articulate, funny, and informative without being preachy. She is able to convey challenging concepts in a clear, non-confusing, non-jargony manner! I love her blog!
Comments: Darya has a talent for for writing that is engaging and succinct. There is never opinion or shading always solid science, yet she is also open to new looks. Outstanding in every way!
Comments: Quality, through and through.
Comments: This is a great site and one of the most informative I've read!  I'm in southeast Florida but wish I was in California where I had more access to locally grown foods!  I have to depend on Whole Foods Market in the area I live.  At least I have that option though.  Thank you Darya for sharing your great knowledge!  Peggy

I have learned a great deal from summertomato. Darya knows her stuff and presents her information in an understandable and persuasive way.


Comments: Consistently great stuff- well-written and researched.
Comments: Excellent writer with witty and insightful articles...and all done with a big smile on her face!

GREAT recipes, excellent blogs on eating real, whole foods and inspiring you to do so.

Comments: creative, original and passionate about her topics....
Comments: She gives healthy advice that is realistic, attainable, and easy to implement!
Comments: Darya provides well-researched information in an accessible way through her blog at SummerTomato.  I enjoy her writing and the intelligence she displays.  When I recommend health-oriented blogs to people, SummerTomato is always on the list.

Darya keeps us aware of all the freshest produce to help fuel our bodies. Plus she is always sharing wonderful exercise pointers. Whenever I've e-mailed her with a question she immediately response. I look forward to reading her blog.She's fantastic!


Comments: Darya does a good job of balancing health with the reality of our busy lifestyles.  She gives many good tips on how to incorporate "healthstyle" into our "lifestyle" and keeps it simple and painless!
Comments: Because she looks awesome , Which is very inspiring .
Congratulations, Darya!
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