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My name is Darya Pino and I am the creator of Summer Tomato, a blog for healthy eating tips. I'm a scientist, foodie and lover of local, seasonal foods. At my core, however, I am someone who believes I can be healthy, happy and in fantastic shape no matter how busy my life is. Currently I am working on my PhD in neuroscience at UC San Francisco, hoping to finish up this year. I also blog full time at Summer Tomato and occasionally at The Huffington Post. I also write as a columnist for... Full Bio
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85 People Voted for Darya for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: beside being smart, she really cute too... and so sooooo funny!
Comments: Her belief that things that are good for you, should tastse good; too.
Comments: Intelligent and well grounded in science, readable and inspiring.
Comments: Darya is my food and exercise cheerleader! 
Comments: real food ! I find her articles insightful, her visits to the farmer's markets delightful, and every day inspires me to eat better!
Comments: Summer Tomato tirelessly provides valuable information to readers. I read her blog and follow her on twitter.
Comments: She knows her stuff!
Comments: Darya is smart, a great writer and follows her own advice!
Comments: Because of her whole comittment to pure health and demystifying ideas with science. Her commuication is thorough and she is  a great spokesperson for healthy modern lifestyles.

Okay.  So a neurology scientist has a health blog.  That's one thing.  


But a hip, fun, foodie neurology scientist?  We all got really lucky here. 

Congratulations, Darya!
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