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My name is Darya Pino and I am the creator of Summer Tomato, a blog for healthy eating tips. I'm a scientist, foodie and lover of local, seasonal foods. At my core, however, I am someone who believes I can be healthy, happy and in fantastic shape no matter how busy my life is. Currently I am working on my PhD in neuroscience at UC San Francisco, hoping to finish up this year. I also blog full time at Summer Tomato and occasionally at The Huffington Post. I also write as a columnist for... Full Bio
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Comments: Darya has a very scientific approach to upgrading one's healthstyle. She has a way of  reprograming our mind, so the perspective becomes very clear. She is a good support and very consistent with keeping us updated on the essentials.
Comments: Shes amazingly inspirational!
Comments: She's incredibly helpful and generous with her time.
Comments: Not only is the food healthy, it is tasty as well. Thanks for the work you do.
Comments: Darya makes healthy eating and living look fabulous. She also posts great recipes and is passionate about good food!
Comments: Summer Tomato has some of the best and most unique content on the web. I subscribe via Facebook and am always happy to see such great info come across my screen. All of the recipes I've tried have been great!
Comments: I love the topics that she covers!
Comments: I enjoy the articles she posts on seasonal foods in SF!
Comments: she rocks. it's as simple as that
Comments: Concise and digestable. Oh yeah !
Comments: Darya writes wonderful and fresh ideas for healthy living and eating.  Her posts are always easy to understand, helpful and encouraging!
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