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I think they are doing remarkable job, at this time where fast food is taking place of nutitional food and people are trapped in various health related problems due to their wrong eating habits.

They should keep up the good work!!


Comments: very useful and functional site
Comments: Because Goras love Fitho
Comments: I think fitho has taken a great initiative to motivate youngsters to maintain a good health. Moreover the tips given here are not monotonous and certainly stimulates to be acted upon. One of the reasons for this success is that it is been managed by the youths who understand the problems and the psychology of their contemporaries and then motivate them in the right direction.
Comments: because it has been by far the most informative n helpful blog, it lso providea a platform fot ppl to communicate n answers to most of the queries in the minds of the reader.
Comments: Very Informative!
Comments: This blog has tips that are simple and you wont have to buy expensive stuff or do some vigourous activities to follow the methods recommended here. 
Congratulations, Fitho!
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