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Fitness addict.. spreading the word on fitness, and addicted to helping people get into shape!
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231 People Voted for Fitho for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: The only blog I find very useful for our Indian conditions.It gives useful tips and is to the point.One can easily implement them in our everyday life.
Comments:  For being friend,philosopher and guide. I think you are second only to

Fitho is the most amazing health blogger i have ever seen! All the information is accurate and it really works! I must say, I am not wasting any of my time doing this or else who bothers to vote, but when something amazes you so much you want to do the most you can for it. Fitho is really the best health blogger. When i saw other health bloggers what i saw was not also 1% better than fitho's! In other health bloggers there is only to lose the fat! but in fitho you also lose the fat but not the fun. FITHO IS THE BEST, FORGET ABOUT THE REST IT SHOULD LEAD THE REST!!


Fitho information has immpressed me. When i got to know about fitho, I immediately opened it. I quickly spanned the whole page and began to read the website. I felt like reading it more and more. And when i opened other health bloggers their information was not as good as fitho's
As the moto of it says 'lose the fat, not the fun' its really true. The health techniques they use really make you lose the fat, not the fun. Thats why i am voting fitho as my favorite health blogger and i have recommended it to my friends, LONG LIVE FITHO!!

Comments: Fitho'staff takes interest in it's customers' health like it is their own health that they are taking care of. This personal attention is what makes it the best.
Comments:  Fitho is effective, comprehensive and easy to follow. You get results fast.

anything i wanted about health and fitness, i found it in here and some more..

fitho is important for is necessary to keep me updated about things and newest researches happening round the world.  


This blogger is capable and deserving.



Love Fitho for the Indian perspective. Refreshing after having to read everything meant for an American audience.

Comments: I think it has a very wide range of health blogs in a very simple to understand language.
Comments: Gives us very good information about your health.
Comments: Found an informational blog for weight loss freaks like me
Comments: I'm a fitness trainer, and I've learnt from their diet and exercise plans!

VOTE: Because it's realistic with its approach which it offers towards weight loss and also has a lot of information which gets updated daily. Information that makes me think, "ooopps... I dint know that, really!"

Congratulations, Fitho!
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