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Los Angeles, California
I am a writer living in southern California with my husband and three children. I am currently working on a book, a memoir of sorts, about raising a child with a severe disability. My work has been published in several magazines and journals, including Spirituality and Health and The Los Angeles... Full Bio
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23 People Voted for elizabeth for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Elizabeth writes with compassion about health issues which affect children and those who love and care for them, yet she also maintains an objective and in-depth approach to the issues: political, cultural, and economic, that are inescapable in any reasonable discussion about health and health care.
Comments: There's one easy reason why you should vote for Elizabeth: she keeps it real! If you haven't read one of her honest accounts of enduring seizures with her daughter Sophie, then, well, you just haven't lived. Elizabeth is able to show both the heartache and the mundane -- sometimes at once -- of loving and caring for a child with epilepsy. One of my favorite writers and bloggers, Elizabeth has enriched my perspective on life! Go read her blog.

Because she is brilliant, honest, articulate, informative and no, we are not related and I am not getting paid for this.

 I think Elizabeth is one of the few people who can give a whole heck of useful information and help, while painting a practical picture. 

 Any questions?

Congratulations, elizabeth!
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