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Kim Christensen

Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm a gluten free Lymie with food allergies who likes to write, cook, and eat. When I'm not in the kitchen? I dig DIY stuff, crafting, natural health, sustainability, music, and positivity. My plans for the future involve going to school for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, living on a... Full Bio
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7 People Voted for Kim Christensen for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Kim addresses all the topics us gluten-free people need to read about...and she's funny!
Comments: Her recipes are delicious, her instructions and explanations are thorough, the reasons and background for the existence of such a blog promote holistic approaches and self-reliance for real understanding of health and healing. Truly inspiring! And tasty!
Comments: This fabulous woman transformed her lifestyle, and I've always admired her strength and beauty.  She is amazing!

I am impressed with Kim's passion for healthy, delicious food. I'm willing to try her recipies and enjoy better food while improving my  health!


Her passion for life and her ability to creatively engage readers into reading, learning and trying new things is amazing. 

She speaks from experience with many health issues and exudes enthusiasm about using food as medicine, eating whole, unprocessed foods, and making fabulous meals eventhough one might have dietary limitations.  

Kim radiates hope through challenging times with positivity, reality and humor.

Her dedication to wellness and blogging has helped in her own healing and has inspired others.  The need is great for the information she is sharing, which is navigating all the affairs of living while coping with dietary restrictions.

Comments: I feel honored that I attended college with such a smart and intelligent woman.  I cannot wait to live in the same city as her so we can sway food ideas/insights!!!
Congratulations, Kim Christensen!
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