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Obi Jo

New Orleans, Louisiana
BA, MD, FACS, professor, researcher, patent holder, published author . . . then patient . . . now retired and focused on health reform, medical care and wellness issues. Blogging at: and
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42 People Voted for Obi Jo for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: The best health blog out there! Good opinions and ideas. 
Comments: He provides relevant, real-time, well researched and thought provoking insight into current, hot topics in the medical world.
Comments: Obi Jo is one blogger who is able to provide outstanding content and analysis of medical issues in an extremely palatable and easily comprehended manner.  His ability to analyze material and present consistent and viable opinions and options is unparalleled.
Comments: Because he communicates in language that the average person can understand and helps us grasp the issues and form our own opinions.
Comments: Great up-to-date information, with solid, informed opinion.

The blog is professionally done and the writer appears to be very knowledgeable and competent on all health matters.  A very informative site.

Comments: Awesome,factual,up-to-the minute info
Comments: Obi Jo should win as the best Health Blogger because this blogger presents new ideas and real reform! 

He is world known for his contibution in urology.  I know personally he as literaly saved two people from an early death.  They are still alive

Congratulations, Obi Jo!
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