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Nancy Matthews is 35 year old wife and mother with cystic fibrosis (CF) and diabetes. She has been waging a battle with CF, a terminal genetic disorder, for many years. In January of 2007, Nancyâ??s body entered the end stages of CF. On December 10, 2008 she received the miracle of a double... Full Bio
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128 People Voted for Nancy for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: I have been following Nancy's blog for a couple of years and find it very inspiring and uplifting even through her trials. 
Comments: I think she should win because she is an amazing person who deserves this award! She has been through a lot and continued to work on her blog. She has a great attitude and is spreading the joy of life through her blog.
Comments: She is an amazing success story! Thanks for keeping us all updated across the country!
Comments: because she is the bomb like boom

Nancy is a person we all should learn from... She is amazing, strong and full of faith as we all should be!!! Way to go Nancy!!!

Comments: she is the best....tells it like it is
Comments: Simply put...She is amazing!!
Comments: Nancy is truly the most inspirational person I know.  Through all the hardships she faced, and continues to face, she continues to teach us all the true meaning of life. 
Comments: Nancy should win the award.  She is an excellent mother and loving wife.  Nancy has been given new life and through her blog she reaches out to others to inspire them to believe.
Congratulations, Nancy!
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