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New London, Connecticut
Woman struggles with weight her whole life. Woman tries to lose weight many times, trying everything from fad diets to dangerous pills. Woman is not successful. If she happens to lose weight, she regains it and more. Woman realizes she must not really want to lose weight or she would ?just do... Full Bio
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She's on target!

Comments: Karen should win the award because she is inspiring people to be the best they can be and taking control of their own health.  
Comments: Karen is a very creative blogger and I truly enjoy reading what she has to say!
Comments: Karen is an inspiration.  Her blog is an authentic depiction of her genuine, warm, and reflective personality.  It is common for me to read one of her entries and have it resonate with a struggle I am facing.  Weight loss is a different experience for each individual, and the journey can be isolating.  Having Karen's blog to visit and revisit when my motivation wanes, when my sneakers are too far away and the couch is too close, or when that insessant voice emanating from my fridge is too compelling, is a wonderful distraction that helps me reconnect with the part of me who really truly wants to succeed on my own journey. 
Comments: One of the great things I have found about Karen's writings is that she touches upon the reasons that may create the problems, not just the problems or causes.  In doing so it allows you to face your own problems and utilize many of her suggestions and incorporate your own... to strive and hopefully overcome one step at a time.  Life is continually changing and her thoughts assist in a very easily understood, and informative manner.

Decisions can be difficult.  Acting on those decisions is doubly difficult.  KCLAnderson points us to a way of walking up to those decisions, making them our own, and having the joy of accomplishment. 


Karen is an interesting, insightful writer who is not afraid to share her innermost thoughts/feelings with others who may have experienced the same.


Comments: Super blog - I read it on a regular basis!
Comments: KCLAnderson's blog, Why Weight, is a masterpiece. By letting it all hang out ( no pun intended ) she has taken her readers and herself along an amazing, detailed journey of the whys and wherefores of dealing with your body weight.
Comments: Karen not only writes about what she loves, but she lives it as well.
Comments: Karen is so inspiring -- not just because of her weight loss story, but because of her willingness to "let it all hang out" on her blog.  She's incredibly brave in what she chooses to blog about and in sharing her inner-most thoughts and feelings with the world.  This is something that can and does help so many other people to feel okay about their own struggles.  In my mind, that's at the core of being healthy and living well.  This is why Karen should win the award.
Comments: Her blog is very insightful and motivating.  Her honesty is refreshing.
Comments: Great blog!  Karen is very insightful and writes in a clear, straight from the heart style that I can really relate to!
Karen is an inspiration to anyone who is battling weight issues, not just the physical but the emotional side that takes it's toll on us just as much as the extra pounds do.
Comments: Excellent writing and meditations.
Comments: Karen has come such a long way in her personal journey, since I first met her.  She's inspiring, in so many ways, and is in touch with those issues that affect the majority of women.
Congratulations, KCLAnderson!
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