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New London, Connecticut
Woman struggles with weight her whole life. Woman tries to lose weight many times, trying everything from fad diets to dangerous pills. Woman is not successful. If she happens to lose weight, she regains it and more. Woman realizes she must not really want to lose weight or she would ?just do... Full Bio
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51 People Voted for KCLAnderson for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: I lover her!!  She's positive and upbeat and supportive and all around wonderful!!
Comments: Wonderful. Honest. Open. Inspirational. She is all of these things. KCLAnderson has my vote!
Comments: I've know Karen for 30+ years and find her blog very factual and lifechanging!
Comments: Karen addresses the challenge of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in a fun and compelling way. She effectively addresses the physical and emotional elements that cause 85% of all who lose weight to gain the weight back in less than 5 years. 
Comments: She is always well informed and intelligent 


Karen offers since, straightforward advice that sticks.  She is not only a talented writer, but she personally relates to her own experiences with great insight.

Comments: Karen has wonderful insight.  I love to read her blog posts she is always inspiring and informative.  I just love her!
Comments: Karen has personalized her challenge in a way that many people haven't. Kudos to her and I think that she's reached a LOT of people.
Comments: Karen encorporates a healthy balance of fitness, nutrition, work and family into her life.  She is what a healthy lifestyle is all about!
Comments: She writes in a way that is genuine, and shares thoughts that many of us have, but do not put into words.  Her insights are valuable, at times inspiring, and she has a balanced approach to life's challenges.
Comments: Karen deserves to win because she simply does not give up.  She is upbeat and realistic about what she can achieve while always raising the bar for herself.  This makes her inspirational.

She's a wonderful person and a talented individual with many accomplishments.

The thoughts that she shares should be an inspiration to those who read them.

Comments: Karen speaks with a real voice. Some of what she's experienced and how she reacted to it really hits home with me.  It makes me feel that I'm not alone on this journey, we're all human, and that there's always hope and acceptance.
Congratulations, KCLAnderson!
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