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Linda Appleman Shapiro

White Plains, New York
Having worked in private practice as a psychotherapist/addictions counselor for more than 25 years, I treat adolescents, single parents, couples and families. Also, as a published author of a memoir (named FINALIST in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award), FOUR ROOMS, UPSTAIRS: A... Full Bio
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80 People Voted for Linda Appleman Shapiro for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Insightful, warm, caring, calming, honest and someone who has teh ability to really normalize things in life with good sound advice.
Comments: Linda writes with great passion and in an easily approachable way  so that you are at once brought into the piece and connect what she is writing to youur own experience.
Comments: Reading this blog has changed my life. There is wisdom and understanding in these pages.
Comments: This blog is honest and heartfelt, well-written and wise.
Comments: She is incredibly inciteful and perceptive.
Comments: Because she tells it like it is!
Comments: Unlike many health bloggers, Linda Appleman Shapiro uses her own life experiences along with her professional knowledge to create a fresh and helpful response to the world each week from a caring and resourceful perspective.
Comments: Thought provoking and insightful!


Wisdom from the heart, kindness from the soul

Comments: Her columns are succinct and inspiring.  Her advice is concrete and something that manhy people can follow.
Comments: Linda Appleman Shapiro writes from her heart and soul and combines her wisdom as a psychotherapist/writer/mother and grandmother into meaningful and noteworthy blogs!

Linda touches on topics important to women. She helps us all feel a llittle better about ourselves and this world.



Her blogs are worth spending time reading. Thoughtfully done by an excellent writer.


Comments: Because she's the best blogger I know
Comments: I think LAS reflects much of what many people feel but can't articulte. Her empathic response is thoughtful and insightful, informative and well-written.
Congratulations, Linda Appleman Shapiro!
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