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Linda Appleman Shapiro

White Plains, New York
Having worked in private practice as a psychotherapist/addictions counselor for more than 25 years, I treat adolescents, single parents, couples and families. Also, as a published author of a memoir (named FINALIST in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award), FOUR ROOMS, UPSTAIRS: A... Full Bio
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80 People Voted for Linda Appleman Shapiro for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: She speaks a lot to the common person and provides much food for thought. I am a blogger myself and enjoy reading hers.

This is my first forray into the blogesphere! Linda deserves to win this award because she moved me to post a note!


I think she's a wonderful writer and I enjoy all of her blogs.


Hi Linda,

Wish all 9 year olds were as smart as your grandson. Great BLOG! 

 Michelle K 


Comments: The subjects she addresses are always thought provoking. She writes passionately and with compassion. I look forward each week to reading her blog.  Hope she wins!
Comments: Linda is a fantastic writer!
Comments: Linda Appleman Shapiro should win because her bloggs are thought provoking and insightful.  I also appreciate the frequency and regularity of her bloggs.
Comments: The essays are timely and thoughtful. I look forward to reading what Linda has to say on the many interesting topics she chooses to write about.

Linda Appleman is consistent and reliable in her weekly updates.  She raises issues that we think about and don't always get a chance to stop and truly ponder ... and then she raises issues that are more subliminal so when she writes them... you think... YES ! that is what's happening, or that's what I feel.

She takes this seriously and I think her love for communicating and reaching out shows through........ 


Comments: Linda's insight is so helpful as she provides professional insight into everyday issues and challenges.

Linda always writes on relevant subjects with clarity and compassion.  You will get get something out of each installment. 



Linda has the knowledge and compassion to deal with a subject that is plaguing our society. She brings years of experience and can clearly explain the problems of addictions, all the while educating with caring, and insight the many who are obviously in need of this kind of psychotherapy.

She is more than deserving to win this award!

Comments: I find her blogs very interesting and stimulating.
Comments: Linda ha had this need to expose her feelings, and by so doing, have a better understanding of who she is today. Kudos to her.....
Each Sunday I ask with expectancy, “David, has Linda’s Blog come yet?” It’s a wonderful ritual around our house. So, we won’t call it an addiction, but it certainly has become an altogether meaningful and satisfying habit. 

It’s life in all its incarnations as seen through Linda’s perceptive eyes and understood by her all-encompassing and empathetic heart.

She’s wise, serious, clever and amusing as can be. She’s simply the best psychotherapist, counselor, teacher and profound social commentator who guides us to rational, meaningful, and compassionate understanding along this Journey Called Life.

Oh, and by the way, read Linda’s memoir, “Four Rooms Upstairs,” and you’ll understand how she became the extraordinary visitor who comes each Sunday bearing gifts.
Comments: This writer deals with concerns that reach us with knowledge and sensitivity.
Comments: Linda has my vote not only because of her knowledge in health matters but aslo because of her own hands-on-experience with all the health problems she has encountered herself.  She walks the talk.  Mary

LAS (Linda Appleman Shapiro) is relevant, pertinent and to the point.

She is timely in her choice of topic and makes eminent sense.

Comments: Lindas blog is wonderful I love reading it!!
Congratulations, Linda Appleman Shapiro!
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