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Kodi Wilson

Well, we are no celebrities, just a family going through life and it's ups and downs with a special needs child. Our son is diagnosed with Leigh's Disease, a terminal degenerative disorder which is categorized as a mitochondrial disorder... as it eats away at muscle tissue and brain matter. He... Full Bio
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Comments: The Wilson's have unselfishly shared their lives with all who love them.  Under the most difficult circumstances, Brad and Kodi have opened up their hearts so that we might be able to share in the life of Braden.

This is one of the most amazing famillies that I have ever met. Being hundreds of miles away from their family and a lot of their friends has made this blog even more special since every week with this amazing fighter of a young man is a rolelr coaster!

Comments: Her story is so inspirational. I check the blog at least every week to stay updated with Braden's story. I enjoy her candidness and also the way she portrays her faith.

His mother and I started this blog with the aid of his uncle as a way for our family to communicate the arrival of our little miracle. Little did we know then that his simple little blog would touch so many lives. Since I have been tracking the traffic on our site, Braden's blog has been viewed in 49 of the 50 states and over seas in Europe.

This blog is also very therapeutic for  us as special needs parents. We get asked so many times about how our boy is doing from family, friends, and those we work with. It has gone from a medium for us to communicate about Braden and his story to now more of an outreach tool to others. In our journey so far we have come in contact with numerous families who are experiencing similar situations, and Braden's blog allows us to communicate with them. 

It is with my most sincerest gratitude that nominate our blog for your consideration.


Thank you Kodi for all you have done and continue to do. You are an inspiration to so many, including myself.


Love always,


Comments: You can read the blog posts and feel her passion to help others who have special needs kids. Awesome!
Comments: I have yet to discover a more dedicated, informative, and heartwarming blogger!!!
Comments: I was directed to this blog by a dear friend of mine when my son was first diagnosed with epilepsy.  I have found their story
unbelievably powerful.  Minutes into reading, I fell in love with their
precious boy Braden and am utterly awe-struck by his parents' positive and pro-active approach to giving him the best life possible.  Braden could not have
been born to more loving parents.  I can only imagine how much
strength it takes to do what they do, and keeping up with their story has given me faith that with support from my family and friends my husband and I can be their for our boys as the Wilson's are for theirs. Kodi and her husband are such an inspiration and are truly worthy of this Health Blogger Award!
Comments: She and her husband are amazing people.  They are devoted to their adorable son, Braden; he is a courageous fighter.  Kodi is an inspiration to all parents with special needs children.  I am blessed to know and call her my friend!
Comments: She is an awesome and inspirational mother, caregiver, blogger.  Try reading her blog and you'll see why she is so great.
Comments: She works hard doing all she can for her son.
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