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Sophie Meredith

Melbourne, Australia
Let's Talk: I have had CFS /CFIDS / ME for over two years but am getting to grips with it now that I have a diagnosis. I have always worked, somehow, though had to find imaginative and flexible options. I love the sun and the sea and making myself... Full Bio
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The information Sophie has included in her blogs is very useful and she describes what it is really like to have CFS.  The awareness that she is bringing to this invisible disease is wonderful.  There are millions of us around the world who have CFS but there is a shortage of information out there, especially from a patient's point of view.   I was in Sophie's online CFS course recently and she is definitely on the right track, especially after finding a great specialist who treats CFS.  What a great job she is doing by sharing her personal experiences with others and putting a face to this illness. 



- covers the highs and the lows of the illness

- insights in what works for Sophie and how to apply such knowledge

- a personal touch

- links to help and information to help sufferers, their friends and family 

Comments: Incredibly well written and insightful blog which is uplifting too.  Very informative and hopeful for others who experience CFS or who are trying to support friends and relatives with the condition.
Comments: Sophie's posts about her journey are real and insightful. They have taught me a lot about what she is going through.
Comments: Sophie gave us insightful and practical tips on how to deal with CFIDS/CFS.  She gave a very clear step by step guide how to deal with the problem and her inner reflections and insights make the tips really powerful and doable.  And she is not just talking about this -- she is living it up...
Comments: I love that sophie, has shared with simple clarity, how she is managing to enjoy, not endure her health challenges with her 'whole' self. I think she's great and could inspire many.
Comments: sophie Meredith is an all out activist and thoughtful person who has in a short time worked to promote and highlight this important issue. She has combined her interest and talents to both handle the issue for herslef, and to empower others in their journey with CFS!!
Comments: I believe that Sophie has done an enormous amount of research and is really committed to making people aware and informed about this unique condition.  The condition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome does not always attract a sympathetic hearing and so, this site seeks to educate and explain and redress that attitude. With good humour Sophie presents a well documented investigation into this condition. This site is helping both those that are affected with this affliction and (perhaps more importantly) their long suffering (sometimes silent) partners. Three cheers for her courage and compassion. I vote for Sophie.  Kate Shackell




I think Sophie should win the award becasue despite having a debilitating illness she has always made the effort to share her journey back to good health, her ideas about what works and she is funny and informative at the same time. Stigmatised or marginalised health conditions that don't attract the attention of big pharma can leave those affected with few sources of information, which is why health blogs like Sophie's  are so important.

Jenne, Yangon, November 2009

Comments: Her raw honesty is so helpful to others confused and bewildered.The best health blogger ever !
Comments: This blogger is constantly providing us with a rare insight into a medical condition which I have never really understood, and which she herself is only learning to understand.  Its fantastic to read her determination to leave no stone unturned in helping her through her ordeal- and she shares every up and down with all of us which is very touching- reading this blog really feels like we are on the rollercoaster with her, urging her to work her way back to full health.  Also, its clear that writingthe blog itself has been a very useful tool to help her understand herself- good on Sophie Meredith!
Comments: Her writing is so insightful and she is clearly healthy and fit and an inspiration, yet she suffers with such a disabling illness.  Truly inspirational.
Comments: Because she is absolutely 100 % committed to overcoming CFS and to sharing everything she finds with the CFS community. With little help from the medical profession, we need to help each other more than ever.
Congratulations, Sophie Meredith!
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