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Sophie Meredith

Melbourne, Australia
Let's Talk: I have had CFS /CFIDS / ME for over two years but am getting to grips with it now that I have a diagnosis. I have always worked, somehow, though had to find imaginative and flexible options. I love the sun and the sea and making myself... Full Bio
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39 People Voted for Sophie Meredith for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Sophie's blog really hit home to the realities of living with an illness that's invisible to others.  Great descriptions too.  

It is honest amd emminently readable and is cheerful!!!!


Plus lots of helpful info and a sense of optimism. I like the can-do attitude.

Comments: I think Sophie should win for her authentic, personal and touching writing on Chronic Fatigue. Reading her blog has opened my eyes on this illness. Virginie

not only are your articles enlightning regarding CFS, you also make me realise what any person healthy or not including myself does to drain our energy. So often people go over their limits and totally forget the concequences. Your writng motivats me to get in touch with my body and soul and be noce to them... they are the only ones we have :-)

Comments: Because she's a spirit full of energy and enthusiasm... and I am wrecked to see yet another friend such as this getting what is such a difficult illness to deal with... power on to betterness, with ease and calm, love and light... with deep understanding and a warm hug from across the world, with peace for ALL people, Donna
Comments: Sophie brings a sympathetic voice to a hidden epidemic.  CFIDS sufferers don't have the publicity that other disease sufferers get, so we need people like Sophie to get the word out and put a face to the illness.
Comments: Sophie is doing great job using yoga and various healing techniques for overall wellness.
Comments: Her blog is informative and makes people who know nothing re CFS know loads more.
Comments: She has the guts to use her precious energy trying to sort out her illness and help others understand CFS/ME a little better at the same time.
Comments: This girl has a huge heart and really wants to share everything she learns to help everyone else who might benefit.
Comments: Her description of how she is feeling is so graphic, and she is taking her time to offer help to other sufferers by offering detailed and insightful experiences and learning
Comments: This is a story that deserves wider acknowledgment and distribution, hence my vote for Soph for this award. Soph has tackled chronic fatigue head on since her diagnosis in May. She has adopted an attitude that won't accept being unwell and so she devotes enormous energy to strategies to cope and eventually overcome CFS. She's my hero. More than that though she has a lot to offer others who have the same or similar conditions. Her optimism, creativity, empathy and intelligence combine to provide great leadership to others who can learn with her and get the encouragement and boost often required to continue tackling their condition. Viva la Sophie's blog and Viva la Sophie.
Congratulations, Sophie Meredith!
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