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Michele Tomecko

I am a mom to 8 beautiful children, 7 here on earth and one in Heaven. I have a bicornuate uterus and was told that I would have a hard time carrying babies. I have delivered most of my babies at 34 weeks except for the twins, which were born at 23 weeks gestation, Weighing just 1 lb. 7 oz.... Full Bio
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Comments: This is the first time I'm meeting michele. I happened to see her blog through a email (joke) that I receivied from my cousin, who works with a freind of Michelle's. It is not easy being a mother these days. I won't go into detail let your mind wander where it will. I do believe this mother deserves to win. She has an awesome story, very sad, yet very powerful and postive. We should all be grateful for our blessings !    GO MICHELE !!!
Comments: This blog is written from the heart and soul of Michele.  She takes you through her life and you feel like you have been there with her.
Comments: I vote for Michele Tomecko!
Comments: Michele's entries in her blog are heartfelt, open, real, and honest.  she is a great writer who tells her life story through her heart!
Comments: She's bringing up seven children and dealing with alot of health issues every day!
Comments: Michele has put so much time and effort into this blog when she has none to spare. She is the strongest woman I know in this world and every bit of goodness that can be bestowed upon her should be.
Comments: Michele is a WONDERFUL mother. Her entire life is her children. She keeps everyone up to date with her blogs and posts and gives us all inspiration to be such great parents as the Tomeckos. I saw her husband in the store the other day and don't get to speak much but as he's trying to update me I stopped him and said "i already know, Michele told us on her blog".
Comments: Michele has always put the world before herself!  I am inspired to love life by reading her inpirational stories.
Comments: Michele is a wonderful writer. Her blog has made me cry, laugh and smile. She shows us that the probelms that come with having a baby born too soon do not end when that baby leaves the NICU. Even though the hardships of having a special needs baby she stills has faith and makes you understand that its the little things in life that are the ones that matter
Congratulations, Michele Tomecko!
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