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Hi! I am Renée DeLano, Personal Trainer and Owner of FORTE FITNESS. Powermeals is a Blog I created for my Clientele, Friends & Family. I hope you find my Recipes & Fitness tips helpful in your quest for a balanced healthy lifestyle!
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her blog is very informative and her recipes are excellent

Comments: I love Renee's fitness advice and use the recipes all the time.  They are delicious!
Comments: Renee's recipes are fantastic!  I love the fitness tips!  
Comments: i vote for Renee DeLano, she has the best recipes and great fitness advice!!  and she is my Jacked-up MOM!!
Comments: My mom has the best blog in the world!  
Comments: Renee is very creative and inspiring. I absolutely love her blog, I read it everyday. It is filled with useful information.
Comments: She rocks!!!
Comments: I am down 29 lbs. and counting!  I use all the recipes and workout tips posted!  Love Renee's Blog!  Desiree Marini
Comments: she's the best thats why!!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: Because she is the best

Because she ROCKS!! Not only a great trainer, she puts thought and flair into here dishes.....and lots of delicious flavor!!


Comments: Renee Delano  is the definition of healthy! She takes and ordinary recipe, and powers it up in protein, whole grains and makes it perfect! She's incredible!
Comments: Renee is my wife and I am lucky enough to enjoy her recipes and workouts!
Comments: Renee has an incredible passion for helping people stay healthy.  Her recipes are easy to follow and are extremely practical.

Renee is a fantastic person who cares about her friends. She is always posting healthy menu's on the internet that even I, who is a over weight middle aged male would eat!!

She also makes it fun, like now when she posts recipes for Halloween!

Comments: I vote for Renee Delano.Luciano
Congratulations, Renee Delano!
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