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Specialty: nutritionist
Toronto, Canada
Meghan Telpner (B.A.A., C.N.P., C.N.N.P.) is a certified nutritionist and holistic lifestyle consultant with a private practice in downtown Toronto. Her client base extends across Canada, around the United States, the Caribbean, the UK and as far reaching as Mozambique and Australia. Meghan... Full Bio
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Meghan shares a lot of information and she does it in a fun way.  Never boring and always informative.  This is my must visit site!

Comments: I've actually been thinking a lot about why I think Meghan's blog is so wonderful. I didn't want to write the standard "It should win because it's such a great blog" because, while it is indeed that, it is so much more. Meghan's blog is personal, honest, touching, creative, shocking (at times), and incredibly informative. I have learned more from her blog than I have from any other, and her sense of humor always keeps me on my toes even when she's explaining the most serious topics, such as sex, menstruation, and poop. Her blog is also very aesthetically pleasing and the pictures are vibrant and beautiful. I have also truly enjoyed whipping up the tasty and healthy recipes she's posted, as well as applying many of her suggestions for healthy living to my own life. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I'm very thankful to have found Meghan's awesome blog, and I wish her all the best on her journey of health and happiness!
Comments: Meghan is funny, informative and extremely talented!
Comments: Uplifting, inspiring, informative and fun Making Love In The Kitchen is by far my favorite blog/website/pick-me-up out there on the web!
Comments: I've been going through a bit of a rough spot lately--both emotionally and in regards to my health.  In an effort to improve my health, I started to peruse health sites online.  One site led me to another, which led me to another, until finally I found Meghan.  Now, I've stopped looking.  I feel like I've come home.  Her posts brighten my day, my mood, and are informative as well.  There are days when I really feel like she writes just for me.  Her positive, sunshiney outlook is contagious.  I am so incredibly grateful.
Comments: Megan is not only passionate about holistic health, but she is also incredibly engaging, humerous, and personable. The information she provides on her blog is well researched, articulate and easy to understand. Plus, her recipes are delicious! Definitely the highlight of the blog! As a first year medical student, I have a hard time finding other people who appreciate my holistic approach to health. I read Megan's blog every day to stay grounded and find a source of support for the way I view health and the body.
Comments: Meghan sends out a positive message with a little humor in every post. She is an inspiration to me in everyway!! One of my favorite blogs ever!
Comments: Meghan treats all her readers as though we are her sisters, her best friends, her family and it shows in her compassionate writing. She doesn't just write about nutrition (although her nutritional advice and ideas have changed my thinking about food) ... she's passionate about caring for the whole person. She IS a winner and her honest, caring attitude is appreciated by so many.
Comments: Because she reminds us that food is a gift of love that we can give to our bodies everyday. Because she inspire us to honour our bodies and makes us happy with her passion for life, fun and food.
Comments: This blog has become a part of my morning routine.  Every day I grab my mug of tea and check out Making Love in the Kitchen to see what I can learn from Meghan.  The topics covered and the recipes she provides are both generous and inspirational. 

I attended a lecture Meghan was giving at my workplace on 'Low Glycemic Eating to Support Health'.  I found her ideas and information so appealing, not only that, I was impressed that she had actually cooked healthy food and brought it over for us to sample and boy was everything so delicious!  She 'had' me right there and then as a lifetime fan. 

I love her blog not only does it makes me think about my whole life and the everyday things that one takes for granted, but provides good and healthy alternatives.  Her recipes all surprisingly taste delicious and have tremendous heath benefits too.  Its a no brainer - she has to be the winner!

Comments: Meghan shares health advice in a fun, easy, non-preachy, down to earth way - I'd recommend her blog to anyone!
Comments: Amazing writer (I mean, entertaining to read), a plethora of great information, and well, she has the same food philosophy as me! Very inspirational.
Comments: Great discussion on natural family planning
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