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Specialty: nutritionist
Toronto, Canada
Meghan Telpner (B.A.A., C.N.P., C.N.N.P.) is a certified nutritionist and holistic lifestyle consultant with a private practice in downtown Toronto. Her client base extends across Canada, around the United States, the Caribbean, the UK and as far reaching as Mozambique and Australia. Meghan... Full Bio
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Comments: Meghan's blog is entertaining AND informative, a combination often talked about, but rarely achieved.
Comments: She is dedicated
Comments: She's incredibly informative and super fun!

Shes awesome

Comments: Meghan makes macrobiotic fun.


OMG Meghan is sooo devoted to health and nutrition, I love reading her blog

to see what she is up to in the kitchen. She takes us along with her on her quest for health through her many adventures. She is awesome!!

Comments: The wealth of information seems limitless and Meghan explains things thoroughly so you can see the true benefits for every suggestion she makes. With an approach that makes things very sensible and doable it is great having her blog as a resource!

Meghan writes with such wit and humor - so fun to read and so informative - she provides readers with excellent health, wellness and nutrition info and her recipes are fabulous!  She totally deserves the best blogger award!!

Comments: Meghan delivers a wealth of nutrition information daily, from tasty healthy recipes to in-depth explanations on the good, bad, and ugly of the nutrition world. I've learned so much from her blog, and gotten a number of tasty recipes from her as well!
Comments: The blog entries, and videos are very informative. And Meghan really inspires me to cook something a little more nutritious than the bachelor meals I normally make.
Comments: I saw Meghan's demo at the Vegetarian Food Fair this year and was very amazed by her energy and enthusiasm for good, healthy food. I started reading her blog and have realized how amazing she really is!  I was an overweight, unhealthy eater who NEVER thought twice about what I was putting in my mouth and how it directly related to my body.  The way Meghan breaks things down and her passion for good health gave me the wake up call I needed! I LOVE reading her blog and learning about food and how my current (or previous, thanks to Meghan) ailments are related to foods I eat.  She truly is amazing!
Comments: Aloha, I think Making Love in The Kitchen should win the award because she cares.  There are always  great reads on her blog.  Meghan is an inspiration

Meghan has done a tremendous job of forming and rallying a community of those who didn't know too much about being healthier, into a group of active, participating folks who are taking control of their health. 

Thanks to Meghan and the encouragement of the community on her blog, I've made changes in my life and my health. I'm always excited to see what's next on the site. Basically, Meghan rules.

Comments: She's knowledgable, engaging and entertaining.
Comments: I love the food, what else is there?  LOL
Comments: I think Meghan does a great job of providing valuable information in a fun and funny language that people can really integrate.
Comments: Meghan's blog is insightful, informative and relevant.  I look forward to reading her blog every day.  Her holistic approach to health is exactly what I believe in and the information she provides is well-researched.  Her humourous presentation of information is refreshing as well.  Thanks for a fantastic blog Meghan!!
Comments: An amazing blog that covers all aspects of health and wellness. Her energy and passion are undeniably contagious and effectively draw in her readers.  I thoroughly enjoy reading every entry and find value in every one.
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