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Specialty: nutritionist
Toronto, Canada
Meghan Telpner (B.A.A., C.N.P., C.N.N.P.) is a certified nutritionist and holistic lifestyle consultant with a private practice in downtown Toronto. Her client base extends across Canada, around the United States, the Caribbean, the UK and as far reaching as Mozambique and Australia. Meghan... Full Bio
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Comments: She is inspirational without preaching, informative, opinionated, and fun.
Comments: Meghan inspires me with her honest, entertaining approach to health and wellness.  Because of this blog, I am in the process of attaining my own holistic health practitioner career!

Love her recipes and sense of fun.

Comments: funny
Comments: meghan blog is not only informing but very well put together and useful. i love coming everyday to see what new ideas, food, etc. she has up. being a teenager i feel like i can really connect with her and her modern twist on staying healthy and living an awsome life!
Comments: She is awesome. period.
Comments: Meghan provides invaluable information about health and eating well, and I have greatly enjoyed reading her blog.  She's witty, and I find her upbeat tone very refreshing.
Comments: This blog is awesome. I found it about 6 months ago and poured over every page in the first two days. It goes along with everything are family has already been trying to do for years. It just gives that extra kick in the butt and inspiration when you are thinking it is just to hard in this society to keep it up. She reminds me why I am living like this and how gross and bad I feel when I give in to social pressure or get lazy. This site tackles everything from (poop to tampons) and (cookies to salad). With some inspiration about MAKING LOVE out of life along the way.

Meghan embodies so many characteristics of a person that I admire. She is positive, determined, honest, down-to-earth, intelligent, and enthusiastic. She is a survivor whose experience with Crohn's became a catalyst that led to self-transformation and a genuine desire to inform and inspire others. This woman wants to change the world, and to some extent, she already has! She has an addictively bright and cheerful personality, and adds mischievous humor to many of her posts. I also love that she writes to the reader, not at the reader. She draws you in and makes you feel as if you're good buddies. Also, she doesn't use terms such as "good" and "bad" or tell readers what to do. Instead, she offers information and reasons why one choice might create better health and happiness than another. She realizes that everyone's path is different, and her advice is adaptable. She also has the biggest variety of information of any health blog I have ever encountered. One day she'll have an original recipe and a story; another day she'll feature thorough research she has done herself on a particular health topic; yet another she'll decide to do an online workshop or a contest.

Comments: She is a defender of whole body wellness through nutrition. She has a passion and truly cares about spreading the truth about what we put in our bodies and she shoulders the heat that sometimes results with grace and strength. I've learned a lot just by reading her blog.

For possessing “actual, authentic” personal optimism, ambition, and pro-activity towards her goals- I am not one for clichés but “go girl!” J Teo  


I am often overwhelmed by the awesome information Meghan's website provides.  She addresses many of the "tabu" subjects in a lively, informed, no nonsense manner (with great love and humor).  I believe this is a must visit blog if you are interested in living a whole, healthy lifestyle.


THank YOU!!

Comments: she makes love in her kitchen
Comments: She is knowlegeable and fun BUT mostly out to make a difference!

Simple, smart advice... and cute to boot.


Comments: Meghan's blog has the best of both worlds in terms of healthy living: the why and the how.  She makes it easy to understand why a healthy relationship with food and good eating choices are important to over all wellbeing.  She also makes it easy to make these choices through her tutorials and recipes.  I always look forward to reading new entries on Making Love in the Kitchen.
Comments: she's vivacious, smart, funny, kind, and crazy creative! she's always willing to help others and loves seeing everyone she meets improving their health. total package!
Comments: Meghan is one of my favorite health, food and life bloggers. She inspires me to be a better person and to feed my family healthier!
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