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I am a college student who was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a subtype of vulvodynia in November 2007. Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition affecting millions of women in our world today, yet it continues to be ignored. There is no current cure. My blog exists to spread awareness because... Full Bio
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Comments: Because she's awesome
Comments: Her blog is wonderful and shows real-life experience, and she has reached women nationwide.
Comments: She has a very interesting blog page.  Very informative and put together nicely.
Comments: I'd never heard of this condition before Tamra's blog. She's very brave for talking about such an issue.
Comments: She's amazing and reading her story has both touched and inspired me.
Comments: Tamra has made her blog with the goal to inform the public about her struggles and give hope to those suffering with her. 
Comments: Tamra has amazing strength, and what she is doing for women everywhere through this blog are amazing.
Comments: Tamra has found a courage inside of her that most individuals will never find.  She has spoken out about her serious condition without shame so that others, including girls who may be experiencing these symptoms,  will become more aware that this disease does indeed exist.  I'm sure her topic has prompted curiousity amongst many, and therefore more research should be done.  I commend Tamra for her strong efforts in spreading the word.  Furthermore, Tamra's story is moving and inspiring and I wish her only the best. 
Comments: her openness is inspiring.
Comments: empowering.

She is such a strong role model for everyone!

Comments: she is one of the strongest women i know :)
Comments: This blog candidly, honestly, and articulately brings to light a condition which many women suffer from, but which few have the courage to speak about - to their own family and friends, let alone in such a public forum.  This blogger is unafraid to write openly about her fears, joys, setbacks, and triumphs as she learns how to live with this physically and emotionally challenging condition.  By bringing these issues to light, she will give other women suffering from the same condition the bravery to address these issues candidly with those they love, and to know that they are not alone.  This blogger also writes with great eloquence, elegance, and humor about this often painful and difficult subject.
Congratulations, Tamra!
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