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New York, New York
Hi, my name is Marc, but in some circles I'm better known as the "Wheelchair Kamikaze". I was first diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2003, and my disease has progressed to the point where I rely on a wheelchair for most of my mobility. Before getting sick, I worked in the... Full Bio
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8 People Voted for Wheelchair Kamikaze for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: He's smart, funny, and in my opinion does so much for people who view the world from a lower venue than the "normal" person.  He deserves to win! 
Comments: I canrelate to the writer as a fellow Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, but as a former English Major and Civil Engineer, I appreciate his prose as well as the effoerts he makes to present a fair and balanced perspective of news topics that he brings forth from his musings.
Comments: If you're looking for a fresh but honest look at life with MS, the wheelchair kamikaze blog is the place to be.
Comments: Clear, intelligent and informative.  Speaks to different levels of knowledge, without belittling anyone.

The Wheelchair Kamikaze has honed his fine writing and information skills over the past several years on message boards, keeping his peers abreast of current information and interpreting the technical and scientific information for those less able to understand the nuances of MS research and treatment.    

He continues to do so now in his blog, covering research and treatment.  He takes us through his own health care journey and extrapolates it to the experience of many --  making it understandable and usable in our own lives. 

When he is commenting on the vagaries of dealing with MS, navigating NYC in a power wheelchair (watch out for those missing curbcuts!), or showing us the beauty of the City with his videos and still photography, we are privileged to glimpse the life of a man dealing with a major health issue yet finding ways to express himself as an individual, with touching moments and wry humor.

The website itself has a fine, clear layout with interesting touches of whimsy to amuse and attract the eye.

The Wheelchair Kamikaze is a fine and knowledgeable read, the author combines dry wit with technical expertise on his subject:  himself, his disease, the medical system, research, and he serves his peers well as a database and sounding board for what is happening or about to happen in the Multiple Sclerosis community of patients, researchers and physicians.

His blog truly deserves your award.

Comments: Marc does a great job of keeping his equanimity in the face of a difficult situation with his health. He lives each day to the fullest, and shares it with the rest of us. His grasp of the reality of his situation is well balanced with a gracious sense of humor about life and what it throws at us. I appreciate Marc's honesty and intelligence. That is why I think he should win this award.
Comments: because not only does he write with compassion, intelligence,  humor, and honesty, he is one of the greatest people I have ever known. His transformation from the hypochondriacal angst filled musician I used to know to this person who now has  this horrible disease yet hasthe  wit, passion and optimism to live each day as if it were his last, has taught me and I'm sure countless others the truer meaning of life. He is indeed an angel on earth whose purpose to teach others is evident.
Congratulations, Wheelchair Kamikaze!
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