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Dr. Gary Berger Medical Doctor

Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The Tubal Reversal Blog from Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is about tubal ligation reversal, a low cost, one-hour outpatient procedure that restores fertility after a tubal ligation. My newest study, Pregnancy Report 2009 is now posted on Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal 's website.
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Dr. Berger is very informative and he cares a great deal about his patients!

Comments: Dr. Berger is able to help many families have more children when they didn't think it was possible!
Comments: He is the pioneer of tubal ligation reversal surgery.
Comments: Dr. Berger not only provides the best care for his patients but also offers the best education to women overall who desire information on tubal reversal.
Comments:  Gary is the one who put more than 30 years of his personal experience into his blog. He share knowledge and information helping families to have kids again after tubal ligation.
Comments: Dr. Berger has done a great service by helping women conceive  again after tubal ligation with his highly refined tubal reversal surgery.
Comments: Dr. Berger is an amazing doctor who has helped thousands of women conceive  again naturally after tubal ligation reversal surgery.
Comments: Consistently provides sound medical information for women and couples trying to make the best decisions regarding their fertility under difficult and challenging situation. The information is consistent and unceasing. Great work!

Dr. Berger is very compassionate and dedicated to helping women all over the world!

Comments: Dr. Berger is very dedicated to his website. He is passionate about keeping women informed . If you want to know the latest info on tubal reversal Dr. Berger's website is where you want to be.
Congratulations, Dr. Gary Berger!
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