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Dr. Gary Berger Medical Doctor

Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The Tubal Reversal Blog from is about tubal ligation reversal, a low cost, one-hour outpatient procedure that restores fertility after a tubal ligation. My newest study, is now posted on Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal 's website.
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41 People Voted for Dr. Gary Berger for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Dr. Berger keeps his patients well informed with this active and wonderful blog!  Whether you are a past patient of his, or contemplating surgery, you will be well informed with his blog! 
Comments: He's the best out there!

Our son has wanted to be a parent for years and wished for a child biologically his own. He fell in love with the most perfect woman, but alas, she would need superior medical help to make the baby-dream happen. They searched for THE BEST surgeon specializing in tubal-reversal. For them, there was but one choice, Dr. Berger.

The operation took place Sept 25, 2008, and precious miracle Grant Leeds was born completely healthy on July 27, 2009. How's THAT for success!! Dr. Gary Berger is our family hero!!



Dr. Berger is very progressive and experienced. 

Comments: There is no other doctor in the world that is as concerned with your health and well being than Dr. Gary Berger!
Comments: Dr. Berger has a website that is so informative.  It is so detailed with massive info. His blogs are informative as well. Thank you Dr. Berger.  This vote is for you!
Comments: Dr. Berger is, without a doubt, the best in the field.  He is an excellent surgeon, has dedicated his life and work to helping women with fertility issues, and has developed techniques that are used world-wide.  He is also known and respected world-wide! 
Comments: Dr. Berger has devoted his carreer to women's health and reproduction and has pioneered the field of tubal reversal surgery.  Most recently, he has been spreading the word of the posibility of tubal repair after tubal ligation through blogging.
Comments: Now, finally, our family is complete. We couldn’t be more excited! Thank you Dr. Berger and all the other wonderful people at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center for making this possible for our family.
Comments: Dr. Berger is very compassionate & understands what we are looking for...and that is hope. I feel that Dr. Berger should receive this award for keeping his former  clients up to date on what is happenning in this part of the medical field...due to his work-we (clients) are his testiment to future mothers...God gave Dr. Berger this gift to help others & he is doing a tremendous job!                           May God continue to bless you Dr. Berger.                    
Comments: He is a great and caring doctor who brings little miracles into the world!
Comments: Always very informative and complete.
Comments: Very informative blog about tubal reversal surgery.
Comments: He is the absolute best!
Comments: Dr. Berger is an amazing doctor, he continues to bring much happiness to thousands of women!!
Congratulations, Dr. Gary Berger!
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