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newcastle upon tyne, United Kingdom
Hi There! I am a paramedic from the North East of England and I LOVE my job! I want to share my experiences with you all and give you a glimpse into the life and thoughts of a frontline operational paramedic
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5 People Voted for medic999 for the PHBA 2009!

Comments: Medic999 gives an unbiast true reflection of the work that paramedics do in the uk.  He is quirky and his blogs are a damn good read...If he were a lawyer...he would be Grisham standard
Comments: Mark tells it like it is, without making too many additional points.  He is also a great mate to anyone in the blue light services.
Comments: A well writen blog that is current, fresh and local to me.


I think the site is excellent!

Congratulations, medic999!
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