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Pasay City, Philippines
I started this blog so I can do something for myself after taking care of my father for almost 4 years until he died. With many year of being inactive in the food industry, creating this blog is my way to promote myself and to reach more to other people. With my training in culinary arts and... Full Bio
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Divina's food is good and good for you.  Divina is great


Emma @Utahfoodstorage

Comments: Her posts keeps readers well informed and are so indepth about the ingredients. Just reading her blog gives me a feeling of being healthy!
Comments: Divina has the wonderful ability to prepare dishes that are not only healthy and delicious, but are also visually appealing. Her presentations remind us that nutrition is not about restriction or abstention. Instead, I look at her meals and see mindfulness: food that will provide my body with healthy sustenance and my senses with vibrant flavors, satisfying textures and an enjoyable eating experience!
Comments: I have been an avid reader of Divina's blog for a few months now and I can saw wholeheartedly she has changed the way I look at food.  In the past, I always assumed for something to taste and look good, it had to be full of calories and fat.  Since reading Divina's blog, my way of looking at food has slowly changed and more and more I can see that healthy food can also taste and look even better than what I used to eat.  She is truly an inspiration to us all!
Comments: she deserves it

Divina has a heart to share what she learned via blogging. Reading her informative posts, attractive recipes and stunning potos, I'd really like to try her healthy diet proposed on her lovely blog.


Comments: Aside from healthy recipes and vividly appetizing food pictures, she shares with her readers the benefit of the ingredients put in the dish. Very very educational.
Comments: She has a sense of integrity and it shows how much she cares about healthy living especially in all her recipes.
Comments: Divina is an amazing blogger devoted to her craft. Reading her regular posts, she always seeks to be both teacher and nurturer. You learn something new about ingredients like unique herbs and fruits, and she provides helpful visuals to assist in the health lesson for the day. I love that she promotes not just healthy things, but the true meaning of "wellness." Her blog isn't just about eating body-conscious items, but the way she presents both her information and herself, she promotes the sense of well-being.
Comments: Divina not only develops delicious and healthy recipes, she truly pours her heart into everything she does. Her beautiful insights about food and her devotion to fellow food lovers is admirable and certainly well worth this award!
Comments: Divina is such a strong, warm hearted blogger who shows such a magnificent passion for good, healthy food. She really deserves to win!
Comments: She always has great healthy, informative, easy to follow recipes, beautiful pictures and responds to any questions you may have. To put it simply she's just the best.
Congratulations, Divina!
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