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Adi Jaffe

Los Angeles, California
Adi Jaffe is a UCLA addiction expert who has been studying addiction-related matters for over 10 years, has published dozens of articles and book chapters on the topic and has presented talks on addiction at national conferences. In 2008, Adi began publishing an addiction blog at... Full Bio
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Comments: I am a recovering alcoholic I was in a well know treatment center and came out sober and they sent me on my way? No after care just a good luck and just do not drink! well I am in recovery now for 7months and trying hard to stay sober but having a hard time still. I seen a Psychiatrist, Doctors all no one really helped but told me they expect people to relapse? I have been searching the Internet trying to find help. I have e-mailed other people in the professional field and they either did not respond or tried to charge me a large fee before they would even try to give me any help. I found Adi Jaffe web sight and found it very helpful. I e-mailed him for some help and with in no less than 2 minutes he replied to my e-mail with answers and he definitely helped me. Thank God for that man he took his time out of his busy day and helped someone he does not even know! He is someone I will continue to turn to also send his web sight to other for help. He definitely deserves this and all awards in my book!!       
Comments: Because he totally ROCKS!!!  This high energy Health Blogger has put together such an AWESOME site helping soooo many people!!  He totally deserves to win! 
Comments: Because he is inspirational and has the power to motivate and compel change.
Comments: He works so hard and is totally devoted to work and in relationships. He is an incredible person and has the ability and desire to make a difference in peoples lives. He is smart, kind and generous.

He is awesome - well  versed in his field. He is a true proffesional and an inspiration! I feel this make will make history one day by discovering something! He really is quite the genius. Look out world Adi Jaffe will make it into the history books.



Comments: Because he is a really passionate person!
Comments: Dedication to getting the knowledge out there!  This man knows what he is talking about due to his experiences and his hard work to getting to the root of human nature and how our minds work.
Comments: He knows what he is talking about... on such important subject. he is the best!
Comments: Adi should win this award because he's a doctoral student at UCLA, has an addiction blog at, and after he receives his PhD he plans to make it his mission to educate the public about addiction to drugs. 
Comments: Adi's blog reflect how much he genuinely cares about this topic and he WILL make a difference.
Comments: All About Addiction is the internet's top site for information, tips, and stories about addiction!!!
Congratulations, Adi Jaffe!
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